Plantd Infini-Edge Hang System

Plantd Infini-Edge Hang System

Dial in your training to the millimeter with the Plantd Climbing Infini-Edge Hang System!


With its super compact size, the Infini-Edge is an ultra-portable hang system that packs the functionality of a wall-mounted hangboard into a portable device that can be taken with you anywhere. 


Great for new and experienced climbers alike, the Infini-Edge features a moving backing plate inside the edge that can be dialed up or down, adjusting the depth from 24mm all the way down to 6mm.


Using the included cord, the Infini-Edge can be hung in a number of different configurations to customize your hang- and grip-training between an angled pinch, jug, or adjustable edge. Hang it from a pull-up bar, attach it to weights, or even hang it from a tree for on-the-go warm-ups.


Maximize your training with a set of 2 Infini-Edges and save $20! Choose "Set of 2 Infini-Edges" from the "Bundle & Save dropdown.

Ships in 2-3 weeks.

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