At Plantd Climbing, we're all about bringing technical expertise to the art of climbing. Through precise engineering and texture study, we create volumes that are not only beautiful, but also longer-lasting, sturdier, and environmentally responsible.

In designing a volume that's built to last, we're ensuring that it spends more time on your wall, and less (or no) time in a landfill. To that end, we've designed our flagship Classic Triangle volumes so that they're super versatile--they can be mounted on their own or stacked with a triangle base, allowing you to create seemingly endless combinations for uniquely challenging features with each set. Think of them like the building blocks of volumes.

Additionally, we use only plant-based resins as opposed to polyurethane when finishing our volumes. Our volumes are fully edge-sealed to help prevent chipping and peeling of the coating at the corners, and our texture is the result of a study we designed in partnership with the Research Triangle Nanotechnology Network, which has us looking at texture in terms of microns, rather than buzz words. It's more than just awesome.

We're always looking for more ways to expand our commitment to sustaining life on our planet, including sourcing better materials that help us reverse carbon emissions and prevent agricultural waste. Check back for updates as we continue to grow our company and our vision.